Name: Chris Pederson

Occupation: Self-employed.

Age: 44

How long have you been working out at CrossFit Dix Hills?

18 Months

How did you hear about CrossFit and what made you sign up?

My wife Elyse and I passed by a sign that read, Crossfit Dix Hills is open. I convinced my wife to join because she was looking for something different while I stayed at Globo Gym. I secretly sent her there to check it out in hopes that someone would drag me there and away from the monotonous workouts I had been having.

What do you love about CrossFit?

Hello my name is Chris and I’m addicted to Crossfit. Crazy but I can’t get enough Crossfit. I can’t wait to find out the results of the day to see if and where I have some wiggle room to move up on the leaderboard. I wait for the next day’s workout to be posted so I can mentally prepare. I’ll watch the games on T.V. I’ll watch YouTube videos on technique, I’ll watch Instagram videos to motivate me and watch other people doing WODs. It’s a sickness!! I love the fact that I can compete with people younger and older. I can improve my times, become stronger and faster, work on gymnastic type moves, and it all depends on the amount of effort. I love that I have a personal coach each class that will push me and call me on my BS when I try to take it easy. I love that there are people there that are genuinely happy for me when I or anyone else exceeds expectations. I love being able to congratulate other people on their great efforts.

What has been your biggest CrossFit accomplishment so far?

Setting my mind to accomplish a bar muscle-up during the Crossfit Open and doing them.  Most of all though I would say my biggest accomplishment is just competing, whether I do well or not, I personally know when I have done my best and when I haven’t.

Please name something that you would like to accomplish in the next year.

I would like to string together ring muscle-ups, strict muscle-ups, and become better at handstand walks and double unders of course. I would also like to continue to work hard and move up on the leaderboard.

What is your advice to other CrossFitters or those who are considering trying CrossFit

My advice would be for goodness sake just try it!! Everyone knows and heard of crossfit but they are so intimidated to go. It’s for everyone, doesn’t matter, size, shape, gender, you will benefit and make amazing progress if you stick with it. Just try it!

What are your hobbies and interests outside of CrossFit?

I coach and manage a 13u baseball team from January thru October.