CrossFit Dix Hills has been a proud affiliate and member of the CrossFit community since 2014. We’ve successfully used CrossFit’s methodology of constantly varied functional movements as a pillar of our programs to help our members lose weight, gain strength and take their fitness to the next level.

With constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, CrossFit is a training philosophy that allows people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in an accepting and encouraging environment.
Constantly Varied — Always changing the workouts, never letting your body adapt. This is why CrossFit is great for getting results. Your body does not get used to anything so you never reach those plateaus. This is different than random as there is always a purpose! Every day that you walk in we will have a workout programmed for you that will challenge you in different ways by performing different movements with different time allotments among different fitness modalities (cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics, etc.).

High Intensity — Many people think intensity is screaming and yelling and looking like you are out of control. The intensity that we are talking about is the act of creating power (power = force multiplied by distance divided by time). Basically, we are saying that power/intensity is how much weight you can move over the longest distance in the shortest amount of time. Generating power will ultimately help people run faster/farther, lift more weight, do more push-ups, climb a rope faster; all while, of course, maintaining safe and proper form and technique. No longer are we just building strength but we are also improving our cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Get ready to say hello to a new world… and what the heck are these muscles I never even knew existed, and why are they so sore?

Functional Movements — These are movements that are natural and safe; movements that we use in everyday life such as squatting to lift a child, pulling yourself up, walking up the subway stairs, etc. These are movements that promote neurological and hormonal responses, which lead to better overall health, transferrable strength, core stability, agility and flexibility.

Yes! We can answer that question with confidence even if we don’t know you because every CrossFit workout can be scaled to any fitness level, regardless of your age, weight or athletic ability. Rather than having different workouts for members of different fitness levels – there is ONE workout each day that is completely scalable based on your skill. For example, if the workout calls for squats with 135 pounds but you can only do squats with the bar (45 pounds), then that’s where you’ll start. If you’re injured and can’t do squats at all, we will find a substitute movement for you to do. As you get stronger and more experienced you’ll work your way towards eventually doing the workouts as prescribed.
We have trained with CrossFit members from the ages of 11 to 67 years old. CrossFit can be adapted to meet the abilities of any age or level of fitness.
Our coaches have worked with many athletes with significant injuries. All workouts can be scaled to account for someone’s injury or lack of mobility. Many athletes have found relief from back and neck pain by strengthening the muscles that support these areas. All too often people neglect exercising due to a previous injury creating a situation where they are more susceptible to re-injuring the affected area. We have found that CrossFit provides people with an increase in strength and mobility that acts a buffer to future injury.
Yes! Daily drop-in fees are $20.

To attend class as a drop-in, you must have prior CrossFit experience (the equivalent of Foundations at another CrossFit affiliate). There is no need to contact us before a drop-in, just show up 15 minutes before class and sign in at the front desk. Please check the schedule on our site to see when we hold class (all sessions accept drop-ins!).

If you have experience with CrossFit and/or Olympic Weightlifting you may be eligible to jump right into training in our regular group classes. Your first step in getting started will be to come down for one free class to ensure you are a good candidate to jump right into regular classes and to give you an opportunity to experience our gym, coaching and programming. Please take a look at our schedule to determine which class will be most convenient for you. We are happy to match your current CrossFit gym’s membership rate for your first three months with us here at CFDH.

There is a certain level of danger in any exercise as well as significant danger associated with NOT doing exercise. CrossFit Dix Hills is focused on providing people results while minimizing the risk of injury. We minimize risk by coaching our athletes through three phases:

  1. Mechanics: This means that you first need to do the lifts correctly.
  2. Consistency: This is the ability to do the lifts over and over again using safe and efficient technique
  3. Intensity: Once you have established safe and consistent technique we move on to intensity. Intensity is the ability to do the movements quickly.

In addition to providing an environment that stresses good form, we work to provide our athletes with a wide variety of workouts. By varying the type, weight and duration of our workouts, we prevent the overuse injuries that often occur in other sports.

No! This is a common misunderstanding. Fitness is a life long journey and CrossFit is very efficient at improving your fitness no matter where you start. Many athletes come to CrossFit after a decade or more of little to no activity. One of our primary tasks is to work with athletes to find the appropriate scaling for their current level of fitness. The workout you see posted on our site is for our most advanced athletes and a version of this workout is scaled specifically to meet the needs of each individual in our classes.CrossFit Dix Hills prides itself on creating a culture where people of all ages, athletic backgrounds and fitness levels can come together to train in the same class.
Absolutely! There is a growing volume of research on High Intensity Training (HIT) that shows the benefits of shorter and more intense workouts. Many ultra-runners and triathletes have seen an improvement in their overall and sport specific fitness after decreasing the duration of their workouts, but increasing their intensity.

Not only can you get a substantial workout session in less than an hour, but with CrossFit you also learn, develop and refine an abundance of physical skills, training techniques and mobility drills. With specific teaching progressions and our focus on the science of mechanics of movement, you can increase your physical abilities with just 2-4 hours each week. It is not magic, it is hard work… and the results speak for themselves.

We always have a warm up session before the Workout of the Day. If you find yourself with a little extra time before or after class, feel free to start warming up on your own, practice skills, or just socialize. All we ask is that you come in ready to do some work!

This is a common concern for new members. In order to get bulky you would need to do all of the following:

  • Eat an extremely high calorie diet: Athletes focused on putting on muscle mass often consume in excess of 3000 calories a day.
  • Spend most of your time lifting very heavy weights: While CrossFit Dix Hills members do spend some time picking up heavy weights (see Coach Chad and Coach Peter) it is only a portion of our workouts.
  • Be genetically predisposed to adding muscle: Women especially, are not hormonally predisposed to add large amounts of muscle.


CFDH Endurance was created to help people overcome the apprehension of joining CrossFit or for seasoned CrossFitters looking to shake up their routine. These workouts combine strength training, aerobics and gymnastics. They offer the same benefits of a CrossFit workout, with the main difference being that in a CFDH Endurance workout, there is an absence of weightlifting and other barbell work such as olympic lifts.

CFDH Endurance was created to help people overcome the apprehension of joining CrossFit or for seasoned CrossFitters looking to shake up their routine.

CFDH Endurance workouts combine strength training, aerobics and gymnastics. CFDH Endurance offers the same benefits of a CrossFit workout. The main difference is that in a CFDH Endurance workout, there is an absence of weightlifting and other barbell work such as olympic lifts. CFDH Endurance gets down to mastering the basics. With CFDH Endurance, you will develop/increase your endurance, stamina, strength and speed. Moving and breaking a sweat during high intensity workouts will yield results, we promise!

CFDH Endurance classes are 60 minutes and typically start with a dynamic warm up and various mobility exercises designed to get your body ready to work safely and effectively. A CFDH Endurance workout is comprised of combinations of strength and aerobic conditioning exercises, which can employ any of the following:

  • Body weight exercises
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine balls
  • Jumping rope
  • Plyometrics
  • Rowing
  • Running
  • and more!

There are four main reasons why our workout is so worthwhile:

  • Intensity
  • Effort
  • Community
  • Coaching

If you are used to doing the same old routine and not seeing results then chances are you may not be pushing yourself. We know that “intensity brings results“. If you only have 60 minutes to get yourself fitter, than we want to make the most of it. The condensed, nonstop movements of our CFDH Endurance classes may be something as simple as three or four exercises repeated over a set amount of time OR a partner workout where you push each other to do your best. Your workouts will vary daily and the constant shock and change to your routine will keep your body guessing what is next and that’s a good thing!

Everyone wants results but not everyone wants to put in the effort. In a regular gym it’s easy to skip reps or take long breaks between sets. The way our classes are tailored, there’s no option other than maximum effort. It is our job to deliver you an unmatched workout that will challenge you safely…but effectively. It is your job to show up and give us your best effort.

Often times, a gym is just a collection of random people focused on doing their own thing. At CrossFit Dix Hills, we are a community, ask any of our members! We actually enjoy working out together and pushing one another to get better every workout!

Whether it’s CrossFit or CFDH Endurance, CrossFit Dix HIlls is about competing against yourself. In fact, since the exercises are done in group workouts, other members will often encourage you and help you push your boundaries. Even the people who finish the workout last get cheered for until they are done and receive a round of high-fives for pushing themselves as hard as they can.

Everyone has the same goal in mind: to get in the best shape possible. Because of that, everyone is on the same team and working for the same goals. The camaraderie at CrossFit Dix Hills is part of what makes this exercise experience so unique.

At CrossFit Dix HIlls we have a talented staff of certified coaches who understand the human body, nutrition and how the CFDH Endurance programming should be implemented for all athletes regardless of fitness level. We can tailor any workout to meet the needs of any member and support them along the way.



Whether you want to compete in the sport of Olympic weightlifting or just improve your speed, strength and explosive power, the Stuffed Monkey Barbell Club is a great fit. Our focus on the fundamentals of weightlifting is great for beginners, and has also produced national level weightlifters.



If you are new to CrossFit, you will be required to to complete one of our Foundations Programs. These differ depending on your experience, fitness level and schedule. We will help you determine which Foundations Program is best for you. Foundations classes introduce the fundamental movement patterns used in CrossFit training. The basics of squatting, pressing and deadlifting are explicitly taught and practiced. Proper movement mechanic, scaling and modification of exercises and proper use of all gym equipment is covered in detail. Progression through a Foundations Program gives prospective members skills, confidence and a baseline level of fitness before joining group classes. These programs also allow coaches to learn the needs and personal issues of each new member.



One-on-one sessions are designed to address your specific needs. Your coach will create a plan and work with you to achieve your goals in a fun and encouraging environment. Small group training is also available.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Our program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience or fitness level.