“There is too much to say in a quick synopsis of the positive experiences I have had at CFDH. To start, I chose this box based on my first impression of the head coach Chad (and boy was I right). His experience, demeanor, and overall attitude towards not just teaching CrossFit to members but his ability to cater to everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, and levels of fitness is second to none. Hence why I have been a member for over a year now and have no plans of leaving any time soon. The community here at CFDH is the definition of comraderie, pushing and supporting one another every step of the way. With the right people behind you it is amazing how fast you can progress and that is exactly what you can expect from CrossFit Dix Hills.”
– Alex K.

post2 “My wife and I started at CrossFit Dix Hills in early 2015, very out of shape and even a little nervous about doing workouts that are for the “fittest on earth.” To our surprise and delight, we found a friendly environment of many families and professionals similar to us that were looking for a challenging and motivational fitness environment. For a nominal price over “normal” gyms, we got a coaching staff that knew exactly how to tap our potential and a one-on-one fitness experience that brought us results quickly. Soon after our whole family was taking part in the challenge, participating in the CrossFit Open, and pushing their limits and building confidence in my teenagers they didn’t even realize they had. This is unlike any gym I have ever been a part of – and a great metaphor for anything in life – the harder you work, the more effort you put in – the better your results will be. I’m thankful for an environment that truly facilitates maximizing my effort – all while building strong and very positive relationships with others.”
– Rob M.

post2 “Crossfit Dix Hills has become my second family. No matter what happens during the day, you know you have a place to go where you’ll find friendly faces, top notch coaches and killer workouts. I used to be so focused on the scale and I thought healthy meant being skinny. I now realize how important it is to gain muscle as we age. The term STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL now has meaning to me. Crossfit Dix Hills has helped me to be the healthiest and strongest I have ever been!!!!!!”
– Jenn R.

post2 “CFDH has been my home away from home for almost two years. The athletes, coaches and overall atmosphere is unprecedented. Whether you are a professional athlete, or have never picked up a weight in your life, CFDH welcomes everyone.”
– Kim M.

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